The Open Door would like to invite art students and artists to contribute artworks toward a fundraiser auction to help the homeless.

Proceeds will be divided between the center and the participating artists. It will be a good opportunity to gain exposure while contributing to a worthy social cause.

The Open Door is a non-profit organization that has been providing a wide spectrum of services to the homeless and the destitute since 1988. Please submit your artwork online before March the 25th 2018.


Our mission is not only to encourage more necessary recognition (of extreme poverty) but also to espouse collective engagement through continued organized actions. Our fundraiser auction is part of  a series of events aiming to destigmatize homelessness and to promote an economy of solidarity.
More details will soon be posted about our program.

With this event, we aim to both create more visibility for the artistic community and to address the financial needs of the more destitute.



Complete the form below to register. For more information contact us at We are not imposing any theme for your work but ask you to consider that your audience will most likely consist of individuals or corporations as opposed to institutions.

The size of your work is subject to restrictions depending on the quantity of artworks submitted and the capacity of the room in which the event is held. You can submit more than one piece depending on the number of participants. We will contact you following the registration deadline.

Participants are responsible for the transportation of their artwork(s). Unsold artwork must be removed by their owners and sold ones by the buyers. No artwork should remain on the premises after the event.

You will receive the instructions to follow the day of the auction. There will be entertainment and a kombucha tasting table. We look forward to seeing you!


Title of Art Work
Date of Completion
Minimum Price
Gallery Price
Are you represented by a Gallery or Agent. Please specify.
Upload an image of your Artwork (format: jpg or pdf, maximum 10 Mb)